Who would think Ireland would be hit so hard with reccesion? Everyone hoped it wouldn't touch us...... Please come back to my blog to follow recession news in Ireland and around the world.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Irish Budget 2010

Here are the links for Irish Budget 2010. So what we have here??? Children of Ireland are ripped by child benefit cut (16 € is a big money for a family), youth got their social welfare cut as well, VAT reduced by 0.5% (what? I'm still going up the north)....and so on and so on! Ireland has no future. No more green pastures. It will become more depressing and more depressing! I have no words!

Budget Main Points
Budget Speech Video
Official Government Page

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you believe State pensions and unemployment benefits should be cut, as as proposed by 'An Bord Snip Nua'?

Do you believe State pensions and unemployment benefits should be cut, as as proposed by 'An Bord Snip Nua'?
Do you think or you know that you and your family will be affected by those cuts. then participate in Irish Times Poll. Click here

Friday, July 3, 2009

Irish Jobs: June Live Register +2.8%/Mo To 413,500

Irish Jobs: June Live Register +2.8%/Mo To 413,500

DUBLIN (Dow Jones)--Irish unemployment grew at a slightly slower pace in June, to a total of 413,500, as the live register for benefit payments rose again, bringing unemployment in the country to 11.9% in June.

With the rapid slowdown in the construction industry, the number of people signing on to the live register on an unadjusted basis rose 2.8% on the month to 413,500 in June, the central statistics office said.

Unemployment amongst immigrants from eastern Europe is now at 20%, double the rate for Irish nationals, and for every eastern European worker who has joined the dole queue over the last 12 months, almost two have emigrated.

"It is encouraging to note that the pace of decline in the live register has moderated in each of the last six months from a high of over 33,000 in January," said NCB Stockbrokers chief economist Brian Devine.

"Once again this is further evidence that the worst of the declines are behind us but that with such a sharp rise in unemployment and taxes the recovery in Ireland is going to lag someway behind the global recovery," he added.

The live register includes part-time workers and casual workers entitled to unemployment assistance or benefits. Official unemployment is measured by the Quarterly National Household Survey.

-By Quentin Fottrell, Dow Jones Newswires; +353-1-676-2189;

(END) Dow Jones Newswires
Source: Click here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FAQ about dole payments and collection

  • How to sign for dole? Where to sign on for dole? Go to your local social welfare office. To find your local office click here. Read signing on guide here.
  • What are the current payments for JB/JA? Personal rate at the moment is € 204.30
  • Which documents needed for the dole? Your PPS Number, payslips, P60, P45, letter of redundancy, proof of address, proof of identity
  • How and when to collect dole from post office? You should receive a letter stating your collection day and post office name.
  • How many days do I have to collect the dole from post office? Usually it's 3 days. Confirm this with your post office clerk.
  • What to bring to post office to collect dole? What if I don't have a swipe card for dole? You will need to bring your swipe card (social services card) or a temporary signing card (yellow), which you can get in your social welfare centre.
  • What do I need to bring when signing for the dole? Your PPS Card (swipe card).If it's your first time bring proof of identity and grab a letter you received in the post.
  • What if I missed a weekly dole collection? It might be still in the post office. Go to post office and check.If not immediately go to social welfare centre. It will be reissued to you and might take longer.
  • What is the phone number for Social Welfare Office? 1890 66 22 44 (Lo Call) (from within the Republic of Ireland) 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday To Friday
  • If you have any problem email to
Hope you found this information about dole helpful.
Please remember that I'm not representing Social Welfare.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pregnancy and Job Seekers Benefit

All ladies who are pregnant (even those who are heavily pregnant) are entitled to Job Seekers benefit (dole).

"Pregnancy is not an illness and in the absence of any complications of pregnancy or other illness, a pregnant woman (who may not be entitled to Maternity Benefit) satisfies the condition of being capable of work for the purpose of Jobseeker's Benefit throughout her pregnancy and in the period following the birth. She will also satisfy the availability condition unless there are other factors which could call her general availability for work into question. She must, however, continue to look for work throughout her pregnancy and in the period after the birth of her child in order to satisfy the condition of genuinely seeking work. On an administrative basis a woman will not normally be requested to prove that she is genuinely seeking work in the 4 weeks immediately before the expected date of birth of her child or in the 8 week period following the birth. She will not be required to attend at the Local Office for signing purpose during this period provided she tells the Local Office of her pregnancy."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Job vacancies are increasing

Today I read in the Metro that Premier recruitment group noticed a rise in job vacancies amount. Good news for job seekers! Let's hope it will be improving steadily!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Irish recession: Debate on whether immigrants should go home or not

Irish recession. Immigrants are blamed for stealing jobs from Irish people. Is it their fault? Look at the debate on whether immigrants should go home or not provided by RTE player - Video kindly provided by RTE.

Fair and balanced, non-biased and impartial debate on immigration. The state
broadcaster at its very best. By E1RE

Few other articles available online:
Immigrants must go home
Should the 'Immigrants' leave?
No jobs in Ireland for immigrants

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small chance you will get a job in irish recession if you are a foreigner

You have a very small chance to get a job in Irish recession if you are a foreigner. I knew that! No need for this news. It's a fact.

Today Metro and Independent (Racism rife as Irish twice as likely to be given job) published very identical news about racism towards foreign people in Ireland.

The study showed:
  • Irish applicants were called to interview 78 times while minority candidates were invited 38 times, giving a ratio of 2.05 -- Irish people were twice as likely to be called back.
  • In the case of Irish versus African applicants only, the study found 18 Irish applicants were called back compared to just five applicants with African sounding names.
  • When it came to Asian names, just seven were called back compared with 19 applicants with Irish names.
  • Eighteen Irish names got a call back compared to three with German sounding names. From Independent
My very good friend with very unusual surname told me this fact few months ago. She lost job. Before the recession she would get many phone calls from recruitment agencies offering her various jobs. Now it's quiet. There is a tendency in the job market .... is to give jobs to relatives and acquaintances (even without proper degree or experience).

Many people want foreign people to leave, go away! When it was good times - we needed extra force. Now - go away! Ok but there is another question... If they leave and many of them left already...What is going to happen to property market??? Empty houses and apartments and poor landlords unable to pay off ridiculous mortgages.... Less children in creches/ school more people fired....

What is your opinion?

Shopping in Northern Ireland and saving well-earned money

So finally I went to do shopping to Northern Ireland and I'm very happy with that. We saved around staggering 188 Euros. Unbelievable!
  1. B&Q garden shed - €357 instead of € 445 from B&Q Ireland/€ 50o from Argos
  2. Hoover - € 89 instead of € 112 from Argos Ireland
  3. Lawnmower - €57 instead of € 87 from Argos Ireland
  4. Food from Asda Kilkeel - €62 euro - I would pay €100 for all this things in Ireland
There were few more things and definitely cheaper. Even paying for petrol we still saved around 188 Euro. Not bad for a day trip plus great savings.

I personally suggest to everyone to do the same thing - shop in Northern Ireland. Is it ethical? There is no answer to that? Should I shop in a rip-off land with terrible customer service???

Our goverment should reduce the VAT and then people will be buying and spending money here...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Unbelievable! Mortgage relief to be cut

Unbelievable! Everyday we are getting news about something cut or increased by government. We had increased levy, they cut early child benefit and now mortgage relief to be suspended for second-time buyers.
According to the Revenue, the move means mortgage interest relief will be suspended for 321,000 of the 562,000 people currently receiving the entitlement. Another blow to people's pockets!

Read news in details:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Irish Recession video 2009 - Would you like a job at Londis?

Irish Recession video 2009. I found this video on you tube. From the info available onlie this is a queque for a job position in Londis? 500 people! Would you like a job at Londis now? Terryfying! I'm shocked! Are you?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So do we need to bring photo ID to post office or not?

So! Do we need to bring photo ID to post office or not?

Everyone is asking this question. People are lost. In my previous post I wrote about new rule of bringing ID to post office when collecting dole. Read here. Nobody knows if you are already required to bring you ID to the post office.

Following quiries from Northside People Newspaper on behalf concerned locals, the socila welfare told that post office workers have been told to use their discretion with the new checks. From Northside People

I'd say there are many people in panic as some of them don't have a driving licence or passport. Some people would need to spend € 80 to get a passport if the new rule will be applied.

No one really knows what is happening! What is your opinion on this?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hurry up if you are looking for the job! 280 Ikea jobs

IKEA open days will now take place on 18th and 19th April, from 10am to 5pm, at the Ballymun Civic Centre.

I heard that they are looking for 280 staff. Hurry up!

Come and meet the co-workers at IKEA Dublin who will chat about their work and about IKEA. For anyone interested in IKEA or considering a career with IKEA Dublin this is a great opportuniy to meet 'face to face' and informally to get a feel for working at IKEA.

Your CV is not required for this informal event. For more information telephone 018667030 or 018667040.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you lost your job bring your P45 to tax office

If you lost your job, don't forget to bring your P45 to tax office.

Finally I got my P45 from my employer, so I brought it to tax office and they will give me some refund. Wasn't expecting it at all. Money in to the pocket are better than nothing! So hurry up! As well would like to mention that the service was so quick I could not believe it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You will need photo ID when collecting dole and other social welfare bebefits

Long time ago I told my partner, social welfare cards should have a photo or at least have a passport with you to prove that you are the person on the card. This swipe card can be used by anyone without any photo on it. Anyone can defraud! Finally!

As the numbers claiming welfare increases significantly, the Department of Social and Family Affairs is introducing stricter identity checks in Post Offices throughout the country for people collecting Social Welfare payments. Minister Mary Hanafin T.D., today (6th April 2009) said that tighter security checks were necessary as part of the crackdown on those claiming a jobseeker payment but not resident in the state.

"People legitimately collecting a social welfare payment should be able to produce valid photographic ID, such as a Driving Licence, Passport or National Identity card. Staff working in Post Offices have to be satisfied that they are giving the right payment to the right person" said the Minister.

Notices will be displayed in all post offices throughout the country in the coming weeks advising customers collecting social welfare payments such as Jobseekers, One Parent Family Payment, Back to Work or Child Benefit payments that they must be able to produce a valid ID to collect their payment. An Post staff must be satisfied that they are making the correct payment to the right person. All claimants should be able to produce valid photographic ID when collecting a payment.

To read more go to Social Welfare Press Page.

Update: Till now you don't need to bring photo ID to the post office but I guess it might change in few weeks. I will keep you updated.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cooking in recession time

Cooking by numbers is very cool website I have discovered. We can save a big amount of money by not going out and not ordering takeaways. Recession in Ireland? How do you save money in recession time?

Don't bother going shopping, let's cook with what you have in your fridge and cupboard. Just click on what you have in the fridge and you will get a recipe... No need to think ...everything is decided for you! Yummy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

How to save money in recession

Do you want to save during recession?
It's possible if you try.
Here are few saving tips...
You are welcome to add more by leaving comment....


-change to fluorescent light bulbs
-rent a room
-eat at home more often and avoid takeaways or eating out less
-when buying petrol check before you go
-switch your gas/electricity provider. Check Bord Gais or Airtricity. Switch and save up to 14%
-go North for shopping
-research before buying. Check few shops before spending your well-earned cash
-sell on Ebay or Buy & Sell unneccessary items
-keep and analyze your spendings. Try Xpenser as online budget diary
-send sms messages from online
-take made at home lunch or at least sandwiches to job
-shop at Lidl or Aldi
-use Dublin Bus Ramblers

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brian Cowen nude painting.


What happened with this nude painting of Brian Cowen read in Guardian. I wonder who is that Irish Bansky?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Collecting dole from post office...

Everyone signing on the Live Register from now on will have to collect their weekly benefit payment at a post office instead of it being paid automatically to their bank account.
You must collect your payment within three days of your payment day. After signing on, you will receive a letter saying when you can collect your first payment. Be careful not to miss it! If you do not collect it on time the payment will be returned to the department and there will be a delay in getting reissued to you.

What to bring to post office to collect dole?
You will need to bring your swipe card (social services card) or a temprorary signing card (yellow), which you can get in your social welfare centre.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dole: How long to wait for dole?

Dole: How long to wait for dole? I would say it's really depends on your luck and the bunch of people in social welfare center...

Here are few articles from internet which might give us an idea of time (please notice the time of weeks is increasing with every article)!
If you are still waitng for your dole cheque call to Social Welfare 1890 20 23 25 or please contact the Information Section Give them your PPS number and name.

Plus here is a quick link for Adress and Phone number Finder for Social Welfare and other offices.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to sign on for the dole guide

Here is a very good guide on how to sign on for the dole.

Signing on: a step-by-step guide

1 If you lose your job you are entitled to claim either jobseekers benefit or jobseekers allowance from the Department of Social and Family Affairs.

2 You qualify for jobseekers benefit if you have paid 104 PRSI contributions, or “stamps”, since first starting work. Thirty-nine payments must have been paid in the relevant tax year. This benefit is not means-tested. (If you are unsure about your PRSI record, you can contact the Department of Social and Family Affairs at 01-7043000 and ask for the PRSI section.)

3 If you don’t have enough “stamps” you can apply for jobseekers allowance, which is means-tested.
4 You must make an appointment with your local social welfare office to make a claim. To check where your nearest dole office is, go to

5 Depending on what part of the country you live in, an appointment can take up to two weeks.

6 You are required to bring a range of documentation (again go to for the complete list), including a P45, P60, proof of identity and residence, and an RP50 form if you have been made redundant. You will also be expected to provide proof that you are making efforts to seek work.

7 At this meeting your claim will be discussed and forms filled in. According to the department, the average processing time in December was two weeks for jobseekers benefit and five weeks for jobseekers allowance. However, in some parts of the country the processing time for the jobseekers allowance is as long as 15 weeks.

8 While waiting for a decision you can apply for a means-tested supplementary welfare allowance payment. Applications should be made to the Community Welfare Office at your local health centre.

9 Once your claim has been authorised you will be obliged to sign on once a month at your dole office, and to collect your money once a week at the post office.

10 For advice, you can speak in confidence to the welfare-to-work section of the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed ( ) at 01-8560088, Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 5pm or go to Social Welfare website - Unemployed section.

Taken from Irish Times - Article "Getting to grips with life on the dole"

Waiting for dole? What about waiting for 4 months?

I could not believe my eyes. Here is recent news from Irish Times: Newly unemployed wait 15 weeks for dole. What they say is be ready to wait up to 4 months to receive a dole. Unbelievable!
“Newly unemployed people are waiting almost four months for jobseeker’s allowance payments because social welfare offices are overwhelmed by the number of new applicants,” Ms Enright said.
So may people affected by this recession and all of them would have to wait for so many months...You can be already dead two times, bankrupt and your kids might starve to death... What about people who don't have jobs but still have to pay their enormous mortgages, loans, insurances and etc.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 people become jobless in a minute

Please follow this news: Five going jobless every minute this year.
With every one minute ticking on the clock, the companies from across the world are terminating an average of five positions

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Half of firms have laid off staff since October

Here we go some news I found today:

"Half of Irish companies have had to lay-off workers since October, according to a survey conducted by KBC Bank. The bank says just 10% of firms have hired workers in the past three months, while two-thirds say trading activity is down." News from Independent

Every family I know, has a family member who was laid off or has working hours cut to the minimum.... Many people are leaving Ireland to go Australia. I have never seen so many advertisements about Australian Visas/Work. What is next?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Recession - helpful websites

Helpful websites which should be used in recession times:

Employment Rights: (one of the best Irish websites)

The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed: (Order from them book called Working for Work -everything about welfare,taxes)

Useful websites for helping with money issues

Social Welfare

Irish crisis - reccession

I'm sure wherever you may be living in the world, you might have been hit in your pocket by this cruel global financial crisis... Every day, when the news is on, all you see is that companies are going into liquadations, making redundant people who worked years for them, cutting wages and etc.

How Ireland will recover?
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