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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting for dole? What about waiting for 4 months?

I could not believe my eyes. Here is recent news from Irish Times: Newly unemployed wait 15 weeks for dole. What they say is be ready to wait up to 4 months to receive a dole. Unbelievable!
“Newly unemployed people are waiting almost four months for jobseeker’s allowance payments because social welfare offices are overwhelmed by the number of new applicants,” Ms Enright said.
So may people affected by this recession and all of them would have to wait for so many months...You can be already dead two times, bankrupt and your kids might starve to death... What about people who don't have jobs but still have to pay their enormous mortgages, loans, insurances and etc.


Niall said...

tell me about it..... still waiting.

Into Your Head said...

If fairness, you won't starve to death because you can go to your Community Welfare Officer and get payments from them until your dole is approved.

(That's not to say it isn't apalling)

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