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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dole: How long to wait for dole?

Dole: How long to wait for dole? I would say it's really depends on your luck and the bunch of people in social welfare center...

Here are few articles from internet which might give us an idea of time (please notice the time of weeks is increasing with every article)!
If you are still waitng for your dole cheque call to Social Welfare 1890 20 23 25 or please contact the Information Section Give them your PPS number and name.

Plus here is a quick link for Adress and Phone number Finder for Social Welfare and other offices.


sharonsligo said...

if waiting for dole for e.g 6 weeks, do u get backpayment for those 6 weeks or no?

Danka said...

To Sharonsligo - Yes,you will get backpayment the first time you will go to post office. Don't forget to take your PPS card and may be a photo ID. Wait for a letter from Social Welfare office or send them email to

Brian Geraghty said...

im from loughrea co.galway. i applied for the doil 23rd of april 2012. it is now the 8th of january 2013 and i still havnt recieved my first payment.

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