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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So do we need to bring photo ID to post office or not?

So! Do we need to bring photo ID to post office or not?

Everyone is asking this question. People are lost. In my previous post I wrote about new rule of bringing ID to post office when collecting dole. Read here. Nobody knows if you are already required to bring you ID to the post office.

Following quiries from Northside People Newspaper on behalf concerned locals, the socila welfare told that post office workers have been told to use their discretion with the new checks. From Northside People

I'd say there are many people in panic as some of them don't have a driving licence or passport. Some people would need to spend € 80 to get a passport if the new rule will be applied.

No one really knows what is happening! What is your opinion on this?


angelus man said...

Get the mark of the beast on your hand or your forehead and you'll have no trouble at all, at all.

angelus man said...

The mark of the beast will solve all these problems. Don't know if my previous comment went through. I'm a poor oul fella after all!

angelus man said...

Now I see the notice below. All comments in moderation I say!

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