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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shopping in Northern Ireland and saving well-earned money

So finally I went to do shopping to Northern Ireland and I'm very happy with that. We saved around staggering 188 Euros. Unbelievable!
  1. B&Q garden shed - €357 instead of € 445 from B&Q Ireland/€ 50o from Argos
  2. Hoover - € 89 instead of € 112 from Argos Ireland
  3. Lawnmower - €57 instead of € 87 from Argos Ireland
  4. Food from Asda Kilkeel - €62 euro - I would pay €100 for all this things in Ireland
There were few more things and definitely cheaper. Even paying for petrol we still saved around 188 Euro. Not bad for a day trip plus great savings.

I personally suggest to everyone to do the same thing - shop in Northern Ireland. Is it ethical? There is no answer to that? Should I shop in a rip-off land with terrible customer service???

Our goverment should reduce the VAT and then people will be buying and spending money here...

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