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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Irish recession: Debate on whether immigrants should go home or not

Irish recession. Immigrants are blamed for stealing jobs from Irish people. Is it their fault? Look at the debate on whether immigrants should go home or not provided by RTE player - Video kindly provided by RTE.

Fair and balanced, non-biased and impartial debate on immigration. The state
broadcaster at its very best. By E1RE

Few other articles available online:
Immigrants must go home
Should the 'Immigrants' leave?
No jobs in Ireland for immigrants

1 comment:

teasy said...

All immigrants from outside IRELAND should be asked to leave and return home if they are unemployed. They entered this country as economic migrants when celtic tiger was booming but they should now leave and go elsewhere and not expect us to finance their families education and health service.
Since Poland joined EU in 2004 and flooded the country our standard and quality of life has decreased. Hospitals, schools, put under extreme pressure to cope with vast numbers of foreigners demanding their rights - snap and grab mentality.
My prayer for St patricks day is that the immigrants will leave this country as St Patrick banished the serpents from Ireland in 5th century.

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