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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small chance you will get a job in irish recession if you are a foreigner

You have a very small chance to get a job in Irish recession if you are a foreigner. I knew that! No need for this news. It's a fact.

Today Metro and Independent (Racism rife as Irish twice as likely to be given job) published very identical news about racism towards foreign people in Ireland.

The study showed:
  • Irish applicants were called to interview 78 times while minority candidates were invited 38 times, giving a ratio of 2.05 -- Irish people were twice as likely to be called back.
  • In the case of Irish versus African applicants only, the study found 18 Irish applicants were called back compared to just five applicants with African sounding names.
  • When it came to Asian names, just seven were called back compared with 19 applicants with Irish names.
  • Eighteen Irish names got a call back compared to three with German sounding names. From Independent
My very good friend with very unusual surname told me this fact few months ago. She lost job. Before the recession she would get many phone calls from recruitment agencies offering her various jobs. Now it's quiet. There is a tendency in the job market .... is to give jobs to relatives and acquaintances (even without proper degree or experience).

Many people want foreign people to leave, go away! When it was good times - we needed extra force. Now - go away! Ok but there is another question... If they leave and many of them left already...What is going to happen to property market??? Empty houses and apartments and poor landlords unable to pay off ridiculous mortgages.... Less children in creches/ school more people fired....

What is your opinion?

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Julia said...

I'm currently looking for a job in Dublin for personal reasons and I have to admit it is really hard to look for a job.

Even though there's a few Accounting Assistant jobs around, I have so far applied for over 60 jobs in 3 weeks and have heard nothing!!

I have started a blog on my adventures on looking for a job and I hope you all can have a look at it and hopefully it will inspire you! :)

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